We can offer several different levels of service to suit your requirements from an Oil and Filter only, a comprehensive service up to a full dealer level service. We have access to AUTODATA technical information which gives us servicing schedules for all modern vehicles.

We also offer transmission and cooling system servicing.

It is estimated that over 70% of breakdowns are caused by cooling system failures. Although it is commonly called antifreeze, this is a small part of the purpose of engine coolant, with Anti-boil, Anti-corrosion and lubricating properties also being imperative to a cooling systems continued operation. We are able to carry out cooling system servicing from periodic flushing and coolant replacement right through to radiator clean outs, leak testing and fault assessment.

Automatic, CVT and Dual Clutch transmission servicing.

We can service your Automatic transmission, from a basic maintenance flush through to a pan off service and filter replacement. We also service dual clutch transmissions and CVT transmissions. We also have products to help with issues such as shuddering.

Almost due a service? Give us a call to book a time to get it in. We have COURTESY CARS available too.